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This file lists Third Party Products available to work with FlagShip. There are hundreds of products written in, and for Clipper or other xBase dialects.  Any of these products are pretty easy to adapt to FlagShip on Unix. We expect that shortly a flood of these will become available.  We know of many that are working on FlagShip versions, but are not yet ready to announce them. 

If you have particular products that you want available, please call the manufacturers of the Clipper versions and tell them that you want it. The delay in many cases is that these manufacturers do not beleive that a big enough market exists in Unix to be worth their time... or make it a priority, however enough calls will convince them otherwise.  Please also write us a message so that we can bring pressure to bear with the numbers of requests we recieve.

For you programmers capable of creating products:  This is an opportunity to create a product that is the eqivalent of a good seller in the Clipper world, and dominate the Unix market for this product before others do.

If you have a product, and wish for it to be listed here, please let us know, and submit a short description of approx. 3-5 lines to be posted here, in addition to a product info containing the name, address, phone number & email address of the author and web page if available. Attach source files in .tgz (.tar.gz) format when your product is OpenSource or free-of-charge. For commercial products, only the short & product descriptions are sufficient. Send it via e-mail to ThirdParty@flagship.de
Of course, you will benefit too by an advanced tech support.

This short listing is available via Web browser, the description and demos (or sources) as they become available if they are of commercial quality, will be put on our FTP server and CD-ROM.

Please note the support conditions: the packages below are not supported directly by multisoft, but are either 
- commercial software, and supported by the manufacturer or distributor, or a
- free software distributed "as is" by the author almost under the GNU General Public License or with own license conditions (see details in README* file of the package). Although these packages are for free including source, you may often obtain an additional support on paid basis directly from the author.

  • RDDs (Replaceable Database Drivers) and APIs by different authors for several SQL servers, Cobol, ascii files, .cdx FoxPro index etc. (free and commercial) are available in separate RDD info page on this server. Partially available also in the FlagShip distribution.
  • FS2-Tools  by multisoft (commercial) A complete Unix implementation of the CA/Clipper-Tools Library, hundreds of helpful functions to do all sorts of things.  See listing of functions and price. Requires commercial FlagShip license. Available also in the FlagShip package.
  • FSI is a free FlagShip Interpreter from multisoft. It executes standard commands and functions in a similar way as for example dBase, FoxPro or similar interpreters do. See a short description or download (binary) the source. Available also in the FlagShip package.
  • Nanfor Library for FlagShip by multisoft (free). Popular add-on library of Clipper functions available in source, ported to FlagShip (32 and 64bit). See the overview or download the ported library source
  • WebTools & mailing functions for FlagShip by multisoft (free), available in the FlagShip distribution and library, with source available in your local /usr/FSsrc/tools/webtools directory. See also general info about FlagShip on Web  available by default library.
  • E-mails with FlagShip, an article (pdf, 630 kb) in SDT International 1/2000 by Jan V. Balek which describes how to use the standard FlagShip WEB*() functions for automated e-mails. The accompanying source code is available here.
  • WebKit by Mark W. Schuman  (free),  available also in the FlagShip distribution in the /usr/FSsrc/tools/webkit directory. See a short description or alternatively download the source.
  • FS-Web toolkit by Jorge E. Hime Somers (commercial). Extensive add-on library for creating web oriented html pages, scripts, graphs, forms etc. directly in the FlagShip code, see examples and the description, as well as article from Linux magazine.
  • CGI Applications for Linux/Unix, an article (pdf, 630 kb) in SDT Internatinal 1/2000 by Uwe Holz describes how to use CA-VO sources and classes in FlagShip. The accompanying source code is available here (free).
  • Norton Guides Web Reader via CGI  or HTML (free) from Dave Pearson's server where you also can find Expert Guide, the Norton Guide Reader For Linux. The ng2html convertor from Noton Guide to HTML is available there as well. A Portuguese version of Norton Guide Web Reader is available by e-mail from Jorge Somers
  • MyTelepathy by Dan Levitt is a free partial port of Extrasensory's Telepathy library for serial communication.  Most of what one would want is implemented.  For those used to working with Telepathy, this will help. See a short description or download the source (new release).
  • Dbf2html by Mitja Podgornik is a free small program to convert DBF files into HTML docs, optional fields with totals and subtotals and/or browser invocation.  See a short description or download the source.
You also may browse the FlagShip ftp tool site or the general tools helping for a DOS conversion. Check also the /usr/FSsrc/tools and /usr/FSsrc/system directories on your system (after the FlagShip installation) for already available tools in the distribution.

For your convenience, here some links for free C compilers for different operating systems (GNU gcc) which may be used with FlagShip. Note, this is without warranty; we guarantee the correct functionality with the standard C compilers from the OS manufacturer, as stated in the Requirements docu for any specific FlagShip port (check the "Demos" button from the FlagShip home page and then the "?" sign). 

Last updated:24-Sep-2012

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